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Asked on 07.09.2018.

Problem with making a Biscuits

hello everyone,

we are facing a problem in our biscuits. the bottom of our product is not clear. i also had included a photo of the product. hope i will get a reasonable solution. 

Answered on 07.09.2018.
From mixing do following changes

Increase flour mixing time
Increase a bit fat and reduce water

In cutting reduce the pressing of rubber roller.

Answered on 07.09.2018.

Hi Anil,

It's great that you have included a photo of the problem.    There are many reasons why this fault might occur and what would be even more helpful in finding the solution would be some information on the type of biscuit you are making and how it is being made.  i.e. cutter, moulder, wirecut and oven type etc.    Also useful will be photos showing top of the biscuit and if possible a cross section of a cut biscuit.   

Also any additional information you can supply , eg  has there been a gradual deterioration in quality or did the fault suddenly appear without warning ?  

The more detail there is on a problem the easier it is for Tech Talkers to fully understand the problem and to be able to provide solutions.



Answered on 10.09.2018.

Dear Mr.Anil

This is because of improper addition of chemicals and if you are adding enzyme then please balance the quantity by seeing the dough pH.  It is because of un proportional chemicals to the quantity of the Mass available for baking....

Answered on 02.10.2018.


is this rotary cutter or rotary moulder biscuit?

pls give me some details later I will advice

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