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BPC 2022 vol.2
Asked on 17.10.2018.
Reduce biscuit weight
Dear Sirs,

I want to reduce the weight of biscuit and maintain the dimension. Currently  I am using 1.5% ammonium bicarbonate and 1.3% sodium bicarbonate. I also have 0.1% yeast in my recipe. Do you have any suggestion to reduce the weight. How much standing (resting) time will affect the biscuit texture. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Accepted answer
Answered on 19.10.2018.

Hi Lusyana,

Ok  so making a Marie type biscuit and reducing the weight you can maintain the diameter of the biscuit but the stack height (bulk) of the biscuit must change.     Some things you can try :

 1) if you are mixing to time, change this to mixing to temperature.  You want the dough to be in the 40-42 c range (you may need to adjust the recipe water level).   

2) Reduce the SMB (SMS) level .. for this you may need to increase water.  

3)  Decrease the cutting roll pressure to minimum whilst maintaining sufficient docker depth. 

4)  Reduce standing time of dough.

5)  Open the extraction dampers in the first Zone of the oven to remove excess humidity but be aware that you will need to increase heat input to maintain current temp. 

6) Increase Zones 1/2 by 10C , taking care not to create surface blisters or skinning the dough too early and locking in moisture.  

Each of these, whether singly or in combination,  will increase the bulk which will allow  you to reduce the dough weight and therefore the baked weight of the individual pieces.

Hope this helps.




Answered on 17.10.2018.

Hi Lusyana,

There are multiple ways of reducing weight and maintaining dimension but it very much depends on the product type and process equipment being used.    If you can share a little more information on what you are trying to achieve it would be a great help in getting you the right answer.



Answered on 17.10.2018.
Hi Lusyana,
I agree with Mr John explain a bit more it will helpful to answer the question right?
Answered on 18.10.2018.

Dear John and Khan,

I am trying to make something like Marie biscuit type. I am using 13% fat and 20% sugar (bakers percentage). The biscuit texture is already crunchy, but it still too dense compare to what we desired (we do lamination too in this process). I need to reduce about 28-30% of the weight. I had increase the leavening agent quantity, but not so much different. Do you have any idea what should I do next.

Thank you so much.



Answered on 19.10.2018.

Hi Lusyana,

make few batches with following settings:

1.Reduce a bit low down fat % in recipe 2%.

2. Increase stay time because you are adding yeast in it and yeast need some more time will help

3. mix ammonium bicarbonate in water just before adding it in mix, also change supplier of ammonium bicarbonate

4. 1st mixing fat plus sugar 3 mints, then all other things except sms 5 mints, in 3rd phase add sms 7 mints. you can increase or decrease mixing time as per your dough. required temperature of final dough should be 36 to 40 C.

Along with that combine these changes with above mr john because those are right and will help.



Answered on 25.10.2018.

Hi Lusyana,

Are you adding yeast for marie kind of product or enzyme you are adding?

This question is resolved.
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