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Asked on 16.04.2021.

Recommended accelerated ageing test provider

Hi everyone,

I am evaluating whether to start a shortbread production business. One key component to evaluate the feasibility of this project is properly understanding the shelf life of the (packaged) biscuits I would be producing. 

Is there a UK-based accelerated ageing test provider you would recommend?  I need to run a few tests to optimise recipe/packaging to reach the desired "best before" date (I'd say 6 months minimum, 1 year ideally).

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,

Andrea Bravi

Accepted answer
Answered on 16.04.2021.

Hi Andrea

Accelerated testing for biscuits like shortbread isn’t normally recommended because if you use elevated storage temperatures to try to shorten the storage period this can increase the rate of fat rancid it’s and give a false indication

A 6 month shelf life should be easily achieved if you bake to a moisture content of approximately 3% and use good quality wrapping materials Ideally you want to use a film with a high moisture and high oxygen barrier 

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