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BPC 2022 vol.2
Asked on 02.08.2018.

Potato biscuit

Hello great people . I am running a factory and planning a new product in our company. I was planning to incorporate potato and biscuits or crackers. For the same i was looking for guidance from all you great people.

Thank you!!!

Accepted answer
Answered on 05.08.2018.

Plz clarify two things:

Are you want to make potato flour based cracker or want to incorporate potato into crackers as an addition?

Answered on 03.08.2018.

I can provide assistance on the development. Please contact me at

Answered on 04.08.2018.


I think you need to produce Potato cracker using with potato flour , please contact me , I will give you guide line .  

Answered on 02.08.2018.

do you need only potato based biscuit or cracker recipe? 

Answered on 07.08.2018.

Yes Mrs Beyhan Ozenil. I am looking for the recipe of potato based biscuits.

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