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Asked on 06.04.2018.
Oven wiremesh trecking system

what could be the possible reasons of oven wire mesh trecking? what precautions we can take during plant/oven installations that we don't face oven wire mesh/steel band trecking??

further what is recommended time for changing oven wiremesh/steel band??

Answered on 10.04.2018.

Dear Mr.Khan 

Why band is tracking?  

Band is tracking as drive from oven end is pulling the entire length of the band with only skid bars and return band rollers.  No grip rollers like in cotton canvas circuits or rubber roller.  So only by mechanical maintenance and prudence in engineering look only solve this problem.

1.  Major check is both feed end drum and oven end drum should be in same level and not even 0.1mm difference in mounting the drum with plumber blocks.  Check with water level or any other method that you do not find difference.

2.  Skid bars in oven should be in same level and band should skid on the same.

3.  Return band rollers with good bearings especially covered bearings will be better and it should be free and no struck of rollers.  Also have some slot adjustments in the roller fittings (may be supplier will give in the same way only) to adjust the tracking if it happening.

4.  Band brush should not be too much pressing the band, and when production running it should be clearly up from band.

5.  Tracking rollers as supplied may be fixed one at feed end bottom, feed end top also in middle of the return band circuit and two at end when band starts return to feed end, this way you can manage the tracking.

When started the production,

1.  DO not allow the carbon to clog the holes.  Every week band cleaning to be instituted.

2.  There are modern gadgets are there to control the band tracking with sliding rubber roller with limit switch and can be controlled.  If you want the supplier I can help you.

3. Maintain the return band rollers and band tightness.  If it is loose it will track.

4.  During band cleaning with brush definitely manual interference is required and proper technical person should always see that band is running properly during cleaning process.

5.  What ever you do there will be 10-20mm tracking will be always there do not try to correct the same.

I think I have given enough tips on the band tracking.  If any thing I can help Pl ask.


Answered on 10.04.2018.

Thank you for your detailed reply. 

Yes of course we are maintaining a couple of things you mentioned and useful tips.

I want to know some advanced gadgets and thier suppliers. There are modern gadgets are there to control the band tracking with sliding rubber roller with limit switch and can be controlled. I am talking about these? 

Answered on 14.04.2018.

During operation keep these points on regular checking,
1. During shut down do not keep the inspection windows open.
2. The rollers for return band should be free rotating.
3. Balancing burners should not over heat the band at one side.
4. Regular cleaning of band to be ensured to avoid excessive blockage in one side.
5. Tracking control rollers should be free rotating.
6. If wax cleaning is required, uniform application of wax to be ensured.
7. If band tightening is pneumatic controlled, recommended pressure to be maintained.

A well maintained oven band may last more than 5 years of extensive use.

Answered on 24.04.2018.

if you want to install a band tracking system one of my ex-Britannia person is doing the same.  If you want I will share his phone no.

Answered on 24.04.2018.

is it anything else kind of system which is applied for band trecking?

while many lines have their own trecking system installed on them, what kind of system it is?

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