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Asked on 12.03.2018.
Oven suction

Sir, tell me what is the indirect  tunnel Oven standard for suction pressure. 

Answered on 27.03.2018.

To regulate the pressure so that it is not positive or negative,
we use a resource that is very easy to elaborate:
First cut a 1in wide paper or plastic tape with 4in copying;
Second open the oven inspection window and with your index finger and thumb grasp the paper tape in front of the inspection window;
Third  if the tape is sucked into the oven, this indicates negative pressure,
the extractor is sucking too much and needs to be reduced. If the tape is outside, it indicates positive pressure. Ideally, the tape should be stable each cooking zone of the oven by opening or closing the hood.

Answered on 13.03.2018.

Are you referring to an Indirect Radiant (cyclotherm) oven or an Indirect Convection oven? 

Does your question about suction refer to the extraction of air and moisture from the baking chambers?

Anonymous Answer
Answered on 10.04.2018.

Normally for indirect fire oven the suction is measured at the far end of the combustion chamber where a inspection cum suction measuring port given.  Here only the suction monitoring equipment kept to see that if suction is not there then it will trip the burner that means in case of circulation blower is tripped the burner will get tripped. 

I think you are mentioning this only.

Here the suction pressure should be 5 to 10mm water column only.  If more than that will reduce combustion efficiency and less than that will spoil the combustion chamber.

As far as I know since oven will be under positive pressure only as heat and steam is circulated as it will suck the steam and flu gas from tubes.

On regular basis you can open the inspection mirror and keep some thread or small piece of cloth to check the suction by gut feeling and ensure that you are running a health heat circulation system.

Answered on 16.04.2018.

Inside the oven atmosphere ( outside the tubes) there should be negative pressure to facilitate the out coming moisture and other leavening agents from biscuit dough, flow uninterrupted. These will help in lifting the dough piece and forming a desirable structure.

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