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Asked on 08.11.2018.
How to solve blisters problem in biscuits?

Why blisters problem in biscuits  ? what is the way to get rid of this?

Answered on 08.11.2018.

Dear Mr.Nill

I think you are fed up with Blisters in biscuits.  Why blisters in biscuits

In soft dough biscuits 

1.  It is mostly because of undissolved chemicals.

2.  If fat is less and more of wheat flour and more mixing time

3.  Unbalanced recipe and chemicals.

In case of Hard dough

1.  Undissolved chemicals

2.  More gluten development but not enough dough conditioner like SMBS.

3.  Lack of standing time or Rest time

4.  No steam in initial zones  where top surface dries and give blisters.

5.  Unbalanced recipe.

6. More mixing time( after addition of wheat flour) than required.


Answered on 08.11.2018.

There are many different causes of blisters on biscuits.    It would help if you shared some more information on the type of product and equipment that you are having the problem with.

However....... 9 times out of 10 , blisters appear when there is too much heat and/or humidity is too low  in the early stages of the oven.   Close you extraction dampers and reduce pressures/temps .    If that doesn't fix it, come back with more information.

Answered on 03.12.2018.
1. inadequate docker- increase the docker pieces, increase the docker diameter or redesign the place of docker on surface of the biscuit

2. lamination- Bad blister can be the result of poor lamination structure caused by insufficient filling dust .. improve the lamination system.

3. inadequate dough mixing: increase the mixing time to get stable dough form

4. baking profile: decrease the baking aggressive temperature profile

5. recipe: regulate the raising quantity in the recipe

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