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Asked on 01.04.2018.

Material combination of Flexible laminated films for biscuit packaging

How can we determine the correct  material combination of laminates ( Type of the laminates & thickness of the layers) are being supplied by the suppliers?

Eg : 20 micron BOPP + 25 micron MCPP 

Answered on 16.04.2018.

If you are looking for selection of wrapping material, it is the laminate of 18 micron clear BOPP with 18 micron metalised BOPP with coating of heat sealant is best for all type of biscuit.
BOPP is best in barrier property and highest in yield and is most suitable flexible for this industry.

If you are looking for cross checking the supplied wrapper, it is very difficult to analyze as differentiating BOPP and MCPP is difficult after lamination.
GSM, tearing characteristic, crinkling, total micron etc. may be used for checking the supply.

Answered on 06.04.2018.

You decide it according to your product and machine type.

U trial for different combinations and then check sealing integrity air leakage test if it is good at which trial you go for that combination. It's a hit and trial method. 

Answered on 10.04.2018.

Normally laminates are decided on its WTR AND OTR, printability, appearance you want, and finally its flexibility to run at a speed you want.  

Secondly on your product.  How you want to design the shelf life, how you want to safe guard the flavour, aroma, taste, freshness of the product through out the shelf life you are deciding.

Finally machinability, cost, thickness (gsm-- micron), laminating compatibility, etc., etc.,

It is best to go for 25mic BOPP and 25mic CPP which will mostly safe guard the biscuit or cookie.

If you want to reduce the cost slightly and you are sure that you can sell in 3 to 4 months of shelf life you can go to 12micron Polyester with 25CPP.

In coastal areas where the humidity is factor you can increase the bopp micron and accordingly keep the CPP micron your supplier will suggest and get the laminate.

So first brain storm your requirement and select the laminate other wise you will be loosing on cost and also by quality of the product in market place  

Answered on 29.05.2018.

Dear Mr. Vinoy 

You have to know the density of the each materials used for the combination , as an example transparent BOPP is  about 0.905 and CPP is 0.9100 , then calculate the GSM base on the micron that supplier mentioned. Then you can calculate the theoretical wt/pc in gms . 

After check actual weight of the piece using the analytical balance. In this method you determine if supplier send the correct materials composition or not . ( You need to know the ink and adhesive quantity use for the lamination, normally supplier provide it with the TDS) 

Answered on 20.07.2018.

if u want I can advice  the best packaging expert to u.. u can contact with him.. he gives consultancy . he know all bakery products.or confectionery material specifications.. 

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