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Asked on 02.04.2021.

Marie biscuit

Hello, my dears. 

I'm making marie biscuits.

But when I try to increase the amount of sugar in the recipe, it becomes soft and incoherent.

Is there a solution to this problem? 

In the past, I used to add 10 kilos of sugar to 50 kilos of flour.

Now I want to add 13 kilos of sugar to 50 kilos of flour.

Thank you very much 

Accepted answer
Answered on 15.04.2021.

Mr Khaled

I hope you are adding sms after addition of Wheat flour.  Not to be added along with Ammonia and soda.

You can add lecithin, If you want brown colour you need to add invert syurp and if possible give milk wash with caramel colour.

Answered on 02.04.2021.

Hi Marcos,

You definitely should be able to add the extra sugar as I have made Marie type doughs with that much sugar plus an addition of 3Kgs sugar syrup. How much water are you adding ? perhaps the water level is too high, 

Answered on 02.04.2021.

Hi Khaled,

Both levels of water seem too high for a commercial Marie recipe. I would recommend 8.5 Kgs of water with between 8 and 9 Kgs of fat, if you are using Butter or Margarine you need to adjust the levels accordingly to compensate for the water Mix the fat, sugar, water together before adding the flour



Answered on 02.04.2021.

Hi Khaled, the Ammonia and sodium bicarbonate can be added in the 1st stage if you are adding SMS add it after the dough has formed. The dough will be initially quite dry and not become cohesive until it has been mixing for a while. Typical mixing time on a high sheer mixer is 12 to 14 minutes if you add too much water 5he dough will be too soft after mixing 

Answered on 03.04.2021.

Hi Khaled,

The water absorption of your flour may be high try increasing the water level slowly until the dough starts to form. Once the dough becomes cohesive the temperature will rise. Mix until it achieves a temperature of 40 centigrade if it’s stretchable without shrinking then that should be sufficient mixing

Answered on 10.04.2021.

Dear Mr khalad,

Pl do try this and let me know.  

Wheat flour 50kgs, Sugar 28kgs, palm oil 7.5 to 8kgs and water 11kgs.  Other ingredients as per you.  

If you are using granulated sugar (normally we use Lawn sugar) please put the sugar in the mix and add water and mix it.  After ensuring that sugar and water is mixed then start creaming and after creaming add wheat flour.  After wheat flour and cream mixed for one minute please add sms and give 5 to 6mts mixing time.  If you give mixing time more than required it will become soft and very much extensible.  Just try and let me know.

Answered on 11.04.2021.

Hello, Mr. Srinivasan.

Thank you for your interest.

I add 14 kilos of sugar to 50 kilos of flour.

But what happens when you add this amount of sugar becomes very soft and takes a long time

Until ready to use

I add sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate and sms.

With water, sugar and oil

And then add the flour.

But if you add 200 grams of Lecithin

What's going on with the recipe?

Can you tell me how the recipe becomes soft-touched?

And after baking, how do I get the golden color?

Thank you so much.

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