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Asked on 06.04.2018.
Maintenance methods for Ovens

What kind of maintenance methods you are using with less breakdowns of ovens?? share ur experiences?

Answered on 16.04.2018.

DAILY: Control of toothed belt discs for contamination

WEEKLY: Control of motor temperature (on display of touch panel, average of all motors should be 50°C)

MONTHLY: Check for deposits on the chains and wearing; Control of short and long toothed belt for dirt or wear; Control of drive unit for tight fit of all components, no deposits on the shafts and rotating parts; Circle reverse control and rails: check screws for tight fit, contamination of the tooth gaps; Baking plates – check plates if they are damaged or warped; Humidity sensors: control on display panels for irregularities, recalibration recommended every two years.

YEARLY: Heat exchanger: sight control; Sealings and sealing rings: check for wearing or damage

Maintenance Checklist Explained by RBS

Periodic maintenance procedures that RBS provides instruction on include:

DAILY: Conveyor Belt Condition, Belt Carrying Rollers & Supports Condition, Take-Up System Parameters, Zone Temperature Range throughout production

WEEKLY: Belt Drive System, Oven Interior Condition, Combustion blower filters

MONTHLY: Bearing and gearbox Lubrication levels, Oven Belt condition and tracking, Combustion and Exhaust Blowers, Valve Motor and Valve Maintenance

QUARTERLY: Air Cylinder condition, Gas Supply Lines and Gas Trains, Burners, Burner Safety Shut-Off Circuit, Start-up and Oven Temperature Switches,

YEARLY: Drain and refill all Motors and Gearboxes with fresh food grade oil, check the conveyor bed guides underneath the belt for wear.

Answered on 17.04.2018.

Great these are looking good material and will help to check ovens maintenance on regular basis.

Thank you.

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