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Asked on 29.10.2018.
Lotus Biscuit Recipe


I just found this forum on google, it is perfect idea :)

Please I'm looking for Lotus biscuit recipes and method of mixing for our manufacturer.

Any one can help us on ?

Answered on 30.10.2018.

share some more details we will guide you.

Answered on 30.10.2018.

Dear Khan;

We new biscuit manufacturer and we are planning to develop lotus biscuit and we required the recipes of lotus and steps/conditions of mixing.

can you support me ? 

Answered on 02.11.2018.

Dear Khan;

Can help us on "Lotus Biscuit Recipe" ? 

Answered on 04.12.2018.

u can contact me.. I can send trial sample which is made in lab. if u like it, I can help u.. for recipe.. process.. taste etc...

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