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BPC 2022 vol.2
Asked on 31.03.2018.

Looking for some cheap recipe

Hello we had buy a used biscuit factory and im looking for who can help by sharing some cheap recipe for rotary moulder.

Answered on 03.04.2018.

I can share with you.. please send me email..

Answered on 03.04.2018. (at)

Answered on 06.04.2018.

Dear Mohammed, all relevant info which you require have been sent to you via email. you can check and verify.


Answered on 16.04.2018.

For cheap recipe biscuits you can try with this basic proportions,

Wheat flour 70 - 80 %,
Sugar          10 - 12 %,
Fat                8 - 10 %,
Others           2 - 5 %.
For further dilution you can use cassava flour etc 20 - 30 % in wheat flour.

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