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Asked on 04.08.2018.

Long term course to learn biscuit technology in depth.

Is there any long term course what I can learn to have indepth concepts on biscuit and drinks technology . 

I want to learn yhe entire process like; ingredients, about manufacturing equipments required, marketing, managing etc.

Answered on 05.08.2018.

Hi kaushik,

Hope you are fine I can guide you on biscuits and can reffer you a concerned professional for beverages. He is based in Saudia arabia.

Explain a bit your role and responsibilities as well?

Answered on 05.08.2018.

I can help to u for bakery techology.. biscuit.. cracker.. cake ..wafer etc..

and also my colleague from my flavour company can help for beverage technology etc..

if u want ..u can contact me..

Answered on 06.08.2018.


I provide a training course on biscuits and crackers. It is a 3 days. I can deliver to groups of 10 people. Training have a cost. : Please contacme at roberto.pinedat@g

Answered on 08.08.2018.

Dear Kaushik,

As many of the consultants we could provide you a coarse as well. However you are asking for a long term coarse, that means many iterations as well as coaching and intervention meetings. In combination with multiple courses, partly tailored to your needs and a coaching methodology you will be growing your knowledge and skills gradually.

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