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Asked on 09.04.2021.
Lab scale: Marie biscuit mould (hand held)

Hi and Good Day! :)

I am sourcing for Marie biscuit mould (hand held). Stamping and cutting to be done manually. I am located in Malaysia. 

Feel free to drop some contacts here or PM. 

Thank you in advance for your help :)



Not necessarily need exact design. This is just an example. :)

Answered on 09.04.2021.


What you show in the picture is a cutting shell taken from an industrial reciprocating cutting machine. This can be mounted onto a hand held frame  usually fitted with springs so the ejection mechanism works. 

If you have the cutting shells shells you may be able to get a trades person to fit the handle. If you want to buy one a company I used many years ago was Perdijk based in Holland, They manufacture industrial cutters and moulding rollers and may be able to assist.

Andrew Hughes

Answered on 18.04.2021.

You may also communicate with Errebi Srl from italy ( asking my contact there Mrs Franca Luppi.

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