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Asked on 22.04.2020.

High Energy Biscuit


We need specialized technology advice to develop and produce high energy biscuit for WFP. We had tried in the past, but 24 months of shelf life is our challenge with rancidity issues. We are planning a new product trial in our factory and we would like to have advice from some one that really now the product and process. Type and ingredients specs, packaging specs, critical process controls, etc. 

Welcome all suggestion and contacts to talk about project collaboration.

Thank you,


Answered on 22.04.2020.

pls contact me.  I have an experience on that projects.. high energy.. high protein etc. for National Union .

whatsapp 0090 533 209 37 52

Answered on 20.05.2020.

There is no special technology for baking HEB high energy biscuit for WFP . you may make on your rotary molding line . you should strictly controlled environment and controlled water activity in finished HEB, control ERH in process and after baking , Recipe and specifications will be provided by WFP,addition of antioxidants are the part of this recipe. packing/wrapper should have be the controlled specs with three layers as recommended by WFP for increasing the shelf life as strong air and moisture barrier + addition of Nitrogen in finished pack. After packing - Storage conditions are impotent to increase shelf life storage temperature and humidity should be controlled as recommended by WFP.

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