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Asked on 18.06.2021.


Dear ones

Can any one tell me how to calculate the Heat energy required to bake one kg of biscuits or one square meter of oven area.   Pl consider the moisture loss as 18% when you have 100kgs dough.  with at least 2% moisture still there in biscuits. Pl help.  

Answered on 18.06.2021.

Mr. Srinivasan, plz click here, it may help you:

Answered on 24.07.2021.

Need 2 more information please , than i can calculate for you 

1- Biscuit termal temperature befor and after oven 

2-spesific heat of biscuit dough ; you can find from books/articles . Also Siebel equation might give you a closer result . 

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