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Asked on 04.08.2020.

Hard Dough

Dear All, 

I am producing hard dough crackers biscuit like salty and vegetable crackers. Now i would like to do production without fermentation by using hot water in dough! If i do thisঃ

1. How many hot water need?

2. What temperature will be of water?

3. What will be the mixing procedure? 

Plz sir help me. Thanks 

Accepted answer
Answered on 10.08.2020.


it is not possible to make 100% without fermentation .. whennu use only hot water. it is logic problem sorry. 

the hot water is not matching the fermantation process. may be get. some result but it is not so good texture and taste.. fermentation process is so different  for cracker production.  u have to make it.  but if u say that it is not so important for me..

make these 

× use hot water same amonth.  no big difference. negligable

× 40-45C is enough

× same mixing procedure ..but check the final temp of dough 40-45 C is enough and cjeck the elaticity of the dough. etc.  if it so enough relax dough. and may be rest 10 minute and process it.. 

Answered on 11.08.2020.

Hi Mr. Rahaman 

You can possible to make without fermentation, using enzyme with chemical .



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