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BPC 2022 vol.2
Asked on 02.08.2018.
What could be the possible reasons of hard bite in molder biscuits?

What could be the possible reasons of hard bite in molder biscuits.

Answered on 02.08.2018.

Hello! can be several reasons difficult to say, can be any of these reasons:

* wrong balance of fat

* Out of specification flour* excess mass beat

* lack of water in the mass

* wrong cooking curve 

... etc

Answered on 02.08.2018.

1. recipe problem.. low fat.. high sugar.. low raising agent.. low water

2. raw material. strong flour. high gluten content

3. mixing. over mixin. more hluten development

4. mold. docker problem

5. baking. low temperature..more baking time

6. cooling. so much cooling..


Answered on 03.08.2018.

Possible reason could be 

Less aerating agent 

if oil is used as shortening then proper emulsifier

mixing time and resting time

baking time against temperature

and water content in the mix etc.,

nevertheless to say others also included their valid points.

Answered on 03.08.2018.

Thank you all for your feedback 

Respected Mr Sandro and miss ozenli it's looking to be problem of flour I mean out of specs flour. What kind of flour we can standardize? Bcz when we change flour brand problem get resolved.

Answered on 03.08.2018.

rotary molder biscuits flour is not so important as rotary cutter.. you can use standart biscuit flour and u can adjust the hardness with your recipe balance.. fat ..sugar content.. raising agent..water content improve the structure of biscuit ..but If u want I can advice standart rotary molder biscuit flour parameters.. 

Answered on 05.08.2018.

Miss Ozenli 

I said about flour combination or flour type because mostly when we change flour type problem get resolved.

We don't change anything apart from ammonium bicarbonate.

Answered on 05.08.2018.

if your problem is solved when u change the flour.. so u can contact with your supplier of flour. which flour is good for your production  so learn its specificaton parameter.. farinograf. extensograf.  mixolab equipments values.. and fixed these parameters for your production specification. this will be best way for u. because we cant give the exact specification of flour bcz it changes your recipes.. if it is plain rotary molder bisvuit.. or digestive biscuit or marshmsllow bottom or sandwich biscuit.  the range is very big ..

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