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Asked on 27.04.2021.
Encrusting machine

Hi everyone,

has any of you had any experience with encrusting machines? I am looking to buy one for small productions (~40 pieces/min)

I could find some produced in US and Germany, but their cost is almost double that of - say - those produced by companies like Shanghai Papa.

Could you kindly share your stories in terms of how reliable they are (are there issues with non-stop operation?) and whether there is anything you would recommend to look out for (maybe how easy they are to clean - I guess that may affect their use in specific countries)?

Best regards,


Answered on 28.04.2021.

Hi Andrea,

You might consider Anko Encrusting Machines; they make the smaller model that Rheon used to do I heard. We have a client that is considering it.

Another EU based company is Ferneto from Portugal where you could inquire for the smaller scale productions.

Answered on 02.05.2021.

There are different suppliers from Germany whose cost is higher but very reliable and easy to use. Their efficiency is good and wastages are lesser. Try to take a good entrusting machine as minor weight variations and breakdowns will cause you bigger losses.


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