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BPC 2022 vol.2
Asked on 26.04.2018.


Is it possible to eliminate lecithin from recipe of short dough.  How far it will affect the machinability and stress on the dough when it is processed?

If we substitute with DMG or SSL will it help?

Accepted answer
Answered on 28.04.2018.


if fresh eggs are part of recipe then can increase a bit fresh eggs quantity as natural supplement of lecithin as mostly lecithin is derived from soya. 

yes it is possible to used SSL in dough by replacing Lecithin. In my personel experience used SSL but don't used DMG. But the recipe in which i used SSL was a combination of both SSL and Lecithin to have their combined effect for more better results.

Answered on 15.05.2018.

why u dont want use lecithin. ıs it the soya origin lecithin reason? ie gmo problem reason? ıf yes.. u can use sunflower lecithin.

ıf u dont want to use enay lecithin , so u can use egg which consist natural lecithin in makes the emulsion form. fat water connection well

SSL is also alternative. SSL is used for decreasing of fat in the recipe and to get cruchniness of biscuit. form or diet type cookies SSL is always used..

Answered on 16.05.2018.

why  you want to eliminate leicithin? is dificult to source? Price?  regulatory ?  Sure you can replace lecithin but to replace with right ingredient we need to know what is the job that the new ingredient need to do. Please share more detail and happy to help

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