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Asked on 22.08.2018.
Distance between two Biscuit..

Dear Sir,

I have the following question.

After rotary cutter when the biscuit reaches the panner web, the distance between two biscuits changed abruptly , in the moving direction only. It is not that all gaps shrinks or expands symmetrically, only some gaps in asymmetrical way shrinking or expanding. All changes are happening only in the moving directions only.

Kindly help.

Thanks & Regards,

Sandip Sengupta

Accepted answer
Answered on 22.08.2018.

can you send me any picture? what is the diameter of biscuit, also send a picture of cutter, are you using any enzyme in the recipe?

you can call me when you free

Answered on 22.08.2018.

If I have correctly understood your problem (photos always help)  then it seems likely that you are overfeeding the dough sheet into the rotary cutter.   The cutting web and the rotary cutter speeds should be identical .   

It is of course possible to lengthen or shorten the biscuit by changing the cutter speed relative to the web speed but that would change all of the product evenly across the width of the band. 

Answered on 22.08.2018.
Dear Sandip which I understand from your question is that there could be following issues and there solutions as well:

1. Your rotary cutter web and Panner web speeds are not aligned. Adjust their speeds.
You need to adjust the Panner web speed.

2.Also u can just increase a bit SMS in the dough and can check either shrinking or not. SMS will stop shrinking of biscuit also increase mixing stage of SMS 2 to 3 mints.
Answered on 23.08.2018.

This is a mechanical error in the machine.Photos will help to give the exact reason.

Avninder Mutchall

This question is resolved.
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