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Asked on 02.06.2021.

How to control the acidity of extracted fat ( as oleic acid) of finished good cookies?

Hi dear all experts,

How to control the acidity of extracted fat ( as oleic acid) of finished good cookies. My country std. is Maximum 1% but i am getting 1.2-1.5%. Plz provide me a solution, is it raw fat problem or process problem?

Advance thanks. 

Accepted answer
Answered on 03.06.2021.

Dear Habib

FFA in Final product is decided by two fats presents in the biscuits.

1.  Germoil Acidity with Wheat flour

2.  Acidity of the Fat/oil used for production of biscuits.

Normally acidity FFA in Oil/Fat will be around 0.1% (as oleic acid)  You should not accept the oil more than this.  

Like wise if you check the Germoil Acidity in Wheat flour and it should not be more than 0.8 to 1% 

If the Germ Oil Acidity is more and your product has very low fat with high FFA content there is lot chances of increased Acidity of FFA will be more and will spoil the final product very easily before shelf life. 

So please check the Raw Materials Spec and decide accordingly

Answered on 02.06.2021.


Which  method do you measure the acidity of extracted fat?

With CDR FoodLab you can test the Free Fatty Acids in bakery products just in 1 minute with a very easy method.

The FAC (fatty acid composition) could be also analyse by gas chromatography–mass spectroscopy with particular emphasis on trans fatty acids (TFA).

Which method do you use? First of all  I recommend you check your method.

Best Regards,

Parisa Mohammadshahi

Answered on 04.06.2021.

Dear Parisa,

Yes we do this. 

Answered on 03.06.2021.

We are using titration method to determine FFA as oleic acid. 

Answered on 03.06.2021.

The  formula for FFA% (OLEIC ACiD) is that FFA%=(v-b) X N X28.2/W 

Do you use this Formula? 

Just try  another method as well. And if the result would be as same as FFA method.   Then the problem would be in raw fat. Just try another method first of all 3 times.  

Answered on 04.06.2021.

Dear Mr. Srinivasan,

Thanks for your solution. 

Answered on 04.06.2021.

Dear Mr. Srinivasan,

Plz can i have the method of determine germoil acidity of wheat flour? 

Answered on 07.06.2021.

Dear Habib

Pl give your mail ID will send the procedure

Answered on 07.06.2021.

Dear Mr. Srinivasan,

This question is resolved.
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