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Asked on 05.10.2017.

Shrinkage of the dough

Shrinkage of the dough after chipping why

Hi Fatih

need Scientific answer I spoke about the strength of gluten (meaning what is the strength alone is enough to be a cause in shrinking ) The other reasons do not

Answered on 10.10.2017.

Because of stronger gluten !! Basicly this is the reason ..

Answered on 21.11.2017.

1.  Strong gluten wheat flour

2.  over mixing

3.  long standing time 

4.  insufficient oil

Answered on 07.12.2017.

If you want to consider only gluten then the strong flours especially high gluten and high SV or enough gluten with high SV.  In both cases due to mechanical action and available water the gluten formation is high and being elastic it will shrink after chipping or forming the shape of the biscuit.  It is because of stress and chemical reaction that is taken place in favour of gluten formation in absence of required shortening or oil in the mixer or recipe.

Answered on 07.03.2018.

It is due to more elasticity due to and less extensibility of the dough. You can increase extensibility by adding shortening, sugar, SMS and enzymes. Addition of any one of these or all of them in combination can have a significant impact on the product.

Answered on 15.07.2018.

1. high gluten elasticity.. so increase mixing time

2. increase sms or enzyme do the dough will be relax

3. in process pls make relaxation of the dough on band .u have to see wavy apperance of the dough on band

4. and also rest the dough 

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