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Asked on 31.01.2022.

How to fix a rotary moulded dough so it doesn't fall off the back roll (compression roll)?

Hello everyone

I have a problem that has been bothering me for a long time.

I work with ROTARY MOULDED dough and the dough falls off the back roll (feed roller / compression roll). It can work fine for a few minutes and then fall right into large pieces.

I have already tried everything ...

Change the dough (less fat).

Replacing the scraper blade

Change the gap of the two cylinders.

Nothing helps me.

Any ideas for anyone?

Answered on 02.02.2022.

Hi Haim

Probably the problem comes from the recipe, amount of sugar, fat, flour, water, you have to check if the % is balanced.

From the mixer stage, if at this stage the dough is not mixed properly, to create a homogeneous dough, you may have this problem, in addition to the fact that the recipe is not balanced, it is usually this problem.

Also, if your recipe have oatmeal or another ingredient with high water absorption likes fibers, etc, this problem can occur.

Answered on 31.01.2022.

Dear Mr Haim

If the dough do not mix or over mix this problem may come.

if the recipe in such a way that it has no binding with wheat flour this may happen

if the gap between forcing roller and moulder it too much this will happen (but I think you have checked this point)

The problem from recipe, wheat flour characteristics, fiber or nuts in the recipe, if you add bran or oats more than certain percentage it may happen.

Also rubber roller hardness not more than 75mho

So if possible please share the recipe from which we can give some suggestions.   you can use my mail id if you do no want to share the recipe here.

The problem you explained more of mixing, recipe combination especially if it is a multi grain or digestive with high fiber kind of biscuits.

Answered on 28.02.2022.

Hi Haim,

If you have checked the recipe already and if the gap is fine, you may try these also,

1. Increase slight water and final mixing time.

2. Give some (more) standing time before feeding.

3. Use low MP fat.

Please share your observation.

Answered on 11.05.2022.

Hello Haim,

This is a tough issue and many times it is due to too soft doughs. You can solve it working on your dough temperature (max. 25ºC), using a harder dough (less fat, not overmixing it), not using mould anti-adherent coating in moulding roll, or adding some inverted sugar that helps pieces stick to the roll. This happens more when using oil or low-sat fats in dough.

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