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Asked on 01.07.2019.

Cocoa Powder

Hi Everyone!

I just would like to ask if you can recommend a good supplier of dark cocoa powder, something similar to what they use for oreo cookies? I am aiming for that kind of dark cocoa color. I have tried some dark cocoa powder (heavily alkalized) however their taste is not good (very earthy and somewhat rancid). Or if you could share any ideas on how to mask this that would be great.



Accepted answer
Answered on 08.07.2019.

Hi Ruth, you can ask from Olam (previosuly De Zaan), Barry Callebaut or Cargill for the alkalized black cocoa powder and tell them to provide you with the same profile as Oreo. THe supplier know's best the match for that cocoa powder. But I've heard Oreo uses Olam. 

Answered on 08.07.2019.

Hi Ruth,

We have worked with different heavily alkalized cocoa powders in protein bar applications and have had very good results with both DeZaan and Blommers. In some cases we have used a combination with a more standard 10-12% cocoa powder, since these highly alkalized CPs have a tendency to leave the product a bit grey in colour. Using it in a combination with a standard cocoa have resulted in a good taste as well as a nice dark colour.

Answered on 01.07.2019.

Dear Ruth, 

I worked with Gerkens CP before and had good result, mind you that Oreo has some chocolate added to recipe as you cannot have the flavor from the heavily alkalized CP alone. If you can afford to have a fancy recipe, I suggest you contact Barry Callebaut as well. 

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