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Asked on 23.10.2017.

Starting biscuit production

I have no experience in biscuit production but want to go into the industry in Nigeria. I will really appreciate if you can guide me STEP BY STEP on how to start. First the kind of equipment required for a SMALL SCALE industry, Staffing, Production Processes including ingredients, packaging up to the biscuit we see and buy in the market
Answered on 07.11.2017.

Hi Cj, 

Do you already know which products you want to produce? As biscuits are like many other categories have a vast array of different types and products you are well of choosing a few which you would like to do.

You could look at the articles we have posted elsewhere here to guide you through this process, but next to products your filosophy can make a difference and with that a great USP (the storytelling bit)

I am working elsewhere with a guy where he first choose 1 category and we're now (after nearly 2 years) working on the 4th category he will introduce.... so take your time and do one thing well!

Answered on 09.12.2017.

Congratulation !
As I am seeing the tremendous growth of biscuit consumption in Nigeria, I feel you are taking a good initiative for successful business.
Starting a business or factory is a challenge, but thorough homework helps.
You can start this ways,
1. Start from the market, find the varieties moving best.
2. Check the rates, segments and what are the margins
3. Pick 2 types from the fastest moving varieties with good margin
4. Plan for the project with some professionals, expert on this field.
5. Draw out a plan with clear time frame and
6. Start the project.

Wish you best of luck...

Answered on 20.03.2018.

ıf you need any consultancy, I can come to your factory with my technical bakery team.

please do not hesitate to contact to me..

Answered on 06.04.2018.

Please write to me at for further discussion. its a full length job.

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