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Digestive Biscuits Bite
Hi, I am trying to scale up 100% whole wheat flour recipe for digestive with appox 5% bran ( 80% coarse +20% fine bran). Facing issue of less bite, very dusty in appearance and breakage issue. Tried...
Cracker Flakiness
In order to obtain a layered structure in the product, several issues must be taken into account:1. The recipe. The type of flour is important as is the balance between bacterial and fungal proteolyti...
Asim asked a question
22 December 2023
Cracker Flakiness
Hi, Needed input to get more flakiness and open texture in Mini Crackers. Tried dusting High Heat & High Moisture Initial zones Oven Profile Use of enzymes like Proteases, Amylases and Arabina...
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18 January 2023
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