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Asked on 20.04.2023.

Biscuits With Chocolate and White Filling - Very Hard Biscuit After Few Days

Good morning,

Biscuit ingredients:

wheat flour, vegetable fat, sugar, low-fat cocoa, glucose syrup, whole egg pulp, starch, skimmed milk powder, soy lecithin, emulsifier, flavoring, raising agents.

Chocolate filling:

Sugar, rafined oil, chocolate, modified starch, emulsifier

White filling:

Sugar, vegetable oil, modified starch, lactose, vegetable fat, almonds paste, emulsifier

Biscuits/filling 75%/25%

1st trial:

Baking time 9:40

Baking temperatures: 205; 225; 225

Final moisture - 7%

2nd trial:

Baking time 10:30

Baking temperatures: 200; 215; 220

Final moisture - 7,7%

In both cases, after packaging and a few days, the biscuit becomes hard with a very hard shell around the filling.

White filling is not liquid anymore but the chocolate one is ok - both are thermostable.

I know that the moisture content is too high, but baking at higher temperatures can solidify the white filling.

The fillings after baking have a temperature below 100 degrees Celsius

Maybe reducing the glucose syrup will help to lower the moisture content, which should be around 3-4%?

Thank you all in advance for your advices.

Answered on 20.04.2023.

"the biscuit becomes hard with a very hard shell around the filling".  Is the biscuit hard because of the hard shell?

Possibly the hard shell comes from recrystallisation of sugar part from the filling (with some water from the biscuit itself?) Is sugar level in white filling higher?

Check if the hard shell disappears if you heat it to about 50-60°C.

If it disappears then it is fat crystallisation
It it does not disappear then it is sugar; you need other type of sugar (maybe even some syrup).

Answered on 24.04.2023.

Hi, I couldn´t understand what kind of product you produce. You fill the cookie after or before baking. The product that you produce is at wire cut technology? Because, the formulation is connected with the technology that you are using. Please, lend me know more information about product and technology, so I could help you.


Answered on 25.04.2023.


A biscuit is filled before baking. The dough with filling inside is dosed and cut with a wavy blade on a machine, and then falls onto a baking belt. The whole biscuit becomes hard after a few days.

Regarding the hard shell around the white filling:

In 100g of filling:

Carbohydrates 75 g, of which sugars 68 g.

So, it is probably a sugar shell, but I will check, as mentioned before.

In the next trials, when I reduce the moisture content in the finished product, it should be better, probably. I am thinking about increasing the baking time.

Answered on 16.05.2023.

Sorry for the delay! I suggest you can make changes to the dough an filling.


Balance the recipe... sugar near 20 % and fat near 14-15 %. 


It is a lot of sugar. Reduce sugar and increase fat.

Sugar between 36 to 45 %

Fat between 40-50 % (vegetable oil, vegetable fat, almonds paste)

Milk Powder 12-15 %

Answered on 19.05.2023.

The filling is used by many companies and it works well - there is no possibility to modify the composition of the filling because it has already been approved. Certainly, its composition is not the issue because we have tried cookies from other manufacturers using the same filling, and there is no problem with it.

A dough with less fat and more sugar will be even harder - i already tried that.

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