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Asked on 16.04.2018.

What are the basic recipes for biscuits production?

What are the basic recipe for biscuits production. I need your help.

Answered on 16.04.2018.

for example .. basic rotary cuting ..petit beurre recipe:

flour 450

sugar 100

fat 58

milk 45

invert syrup 45

amonium 6

salt 3

carbonate  2   

sms 0,2

vanillin 0,3

water 33

enzyme 0,05

Answered on 16.04.2018.

To formulate any recipe you can start with this basic combination,
Wheat flour 65 - 75 %,
Fat              10 - 15 %,
Sugar          15 - 20 %,
Others          5%.
For hard varieties the shortening agents will be less.

Answered on 17.04.2018.

For sheeter products you can arrange ur recipe as follows: 

As petit burrie is a sheeter product u can arrange as follows:

Flour 65-70%

Fat 10-15%

Sugar 15-25%

SMS 0.3-1% depend uopn ur flour u can change

Malt 0.3-.6% depend upon ur flour

Soya lecithin 0.3-.6

Others any flavours or essence according to ur market demand.

plz remember above calculations are on flour weight basis.

Answered on 25.07.2018.

marie.. tea biscuit.. petit beurre.. cream crackers are very basic biscuit and cracker. if u want I can sharesome information with u.

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