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Asked on 10.08.2018.

Biscuit Packaging Automations

What kind of automations can be done in biscuit packaging section right from oven till end of line (packaging).

Accepted answer
Answered on 17.08.2018.

Pl consider following suggestions for automation at the end of the biscuit line

1.  Trible board and linear stacking

2.  Auto selection of biscuits from table conveyor (SIG machine type)

3.  Servo type motors and easy change over in packing machine to change the sku in short time.

4.  Pick and Pack system to fill the cbb

5. CBB taping and weighing system to cross check the weight.

6.  In finished goods godown first in first out systems by soft ware and locating the right place to despatch properly.

Answered on 10.08.2018.

Hi Mr. Khan 

I will send different video clip for your reference .  

Answered on 10.08.2018.

Vibratory conveyors into the slug loaders, which feed the wrapping equipment.

Post the wrapping , picking up the finished packs and loading them into the cartons through pick and place equipment, it could be robotics of simple two or three axis.

Cartons can be auto errected and fed into the pick and place set up.

Finished cartons can be stacked on pallets automatically.

Answered on 10.08.2018.

Respected Mr Rasika,

So nice of and thank you.

Answered on 11.08.2018.

pls search that

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