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Asked on 06.11.2017.

What packaging techniques would protect the biscuits from breaking?

I am doing a task at school where I have to make and design biscuits. 

What packaging techniques would protect the biscuits from breaking

Answered on 22.11.2017.

It depends on the biscuit.  You need to pack tight.  When you keep the biscuit in a stack, biscuit should not have boating or curling because at maximum surface to surface contact if any bend is there it will tend to brake.  when you stack one above the other you should see that it has minimum contact point.

You can select carton packing, or blister packing or tin packing to show cause your biscuit packing.

Answered on 09.12.2017.

As a fragile product biscuit is generally required good packaging to protect from handling and transportation damage.
During designing the shape, the ratio of length and breadth, texture etc. has to be taken care.
During recipe formation and processing baking,texture etc to be taken care.
During developing the packaging care should be taken to minimize the resultant force on the weakest point of the biscuit.The orientation of the biscuit should be such that any external force should come on the edge of the biscuit and not on the flat face. On edge packing style is much safer for maximum type of varieties.

Answered on 18.04.2018.

Biscuits are typically very fragile and lose much of their appeal if broken. A tight group of biscuits affords much self protection but aids to rigidity, such as specially formed trays, base cards or folds of corrugated paper reduce the chance of breakage as a result of vibration or knocks in the life of the pack . Some biscuits have sharp edges or rough abrasive  surfaces dur to sugar etc. and packaging materials must be chosen to cope with these.

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