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Asked on 23.08.2018.
Biscuit Distance not same

Dear Sir,

I have the following question.

After rotary cutter when the biscuit reaches the panner web, the distance between two biscuits changed abruptly , in the moving direction only. It is not that all gaps shrinks or expands symmetrically, only some gaps in asymmetrical way shrinking or expanding. All changes are happening only in the moving directions only.

Please see the attached pictures.

Kindly help.

Thanks & Regards,

Sandip Sengupta

Biscuit Distance not same

Biscuit Distance not same 1Biscuit Distance not same 1

Answered on 23.08.2018.

Hi Sandip,

If , as I suspect,  the length of the biscuit is the same regardless of the size of the spacing gap between rows,  then the problem is almost certainly that your ovenband is juddering and stalling slightly.   A tachometer on the ovenband should confirm that the band speed is varying.   That being the case you need to start looking at condition of oven drive drum,  band tension etc.

Answered on 23.08.2018.
Dear Sandeep I have it's solution and post tomorrow I also faced same problem quite many times and solution is there. Thank you

Answered on 24.08.2018.

Dear Sandeep plz appy following technque:

1,Panner web speed
2,Panner web surface very oily.
3.Panner web drive roller grip issue.

"""""""" solutions """""""""

1. Properly cleaning of web from inner nd outer sides.
2. need drive roller replacement of Panner web.
3. panner web replacement.
4. Mostly cases observed only after web replacement issue totally removed.

Apply these issue will be resolved.

Answered on 23.08.2018.
Dear Mr. Sengupta,

You can check the transfer knife for straightness at the point where the biscuits are transferred from the cutting web onto the Panner canvas. The knife could bend if the endless web tension is too high or if the thickness of the knife is less. You could remove the knife and strengthen it by proving a rib to it's bottom surface.

Another reason could be the difference in surface speeds between the two webs. The Panner web surface speed has to be around 10 % higher than the Cutting Web surface speed.
Answered on 24.08.2018.

Dear Mr.Sandeep,

This issue is there in most of the biscuit production units.  As per my experience it is due to three  major linear speed variation.

1.  Cutting web jerk

2.  Panner web jerk

3.  Band Jerk.

Mostly cutting web with two drive drums.  If grip roller or drive roller rubber coating or rubber lagging are gone please replace.

If panner web drive is single drum drive change to double drum drive.  Also check as per Mr.Khan suggestion that any cleanliness issue.  Pl use machine stitched cotton canvas which will be running without jerk when stitching pass through grip rollers of drum drive.

please closely observe the transfer between cutting web to panner web.  If the distance changing because of scrap lifting in cutting web especially the cracker variants where dough mostly will be in dry consistency and there are possibility of change in the space.  So it that is the case introduce one more web between cutting web and panner web ( if space available) then lift the scrap in that conveyor.  Mostly this will help in maintaining the space.

If band jerking please check the drum and band quality.  If chocking is there in the band definitely the jerk is possible. 

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