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Asked on 09.10.2017.

How we can increase or decrease biscuit/cracker size until can packaging them well?

How we can increase or decrease biscuit/cracker size until can packaging them well?

Answered on 12.10.2017.

Dear Anonymous,

This depends on what you want: do you want to reduce thickness or are you looking to reduce the spread?

Both can be resolved by controlling the fat, the type of leavening you use. Another means can be the use of different type of fibers; in particular low viscous soluble and insoluble fibers.

Answered on 29.12.2017.

For getting a well-shaped hard biscuit or cracker to fit in the wrapper and good appearance of the packet it is important to have uniform and consistent dough quality.

Flour should be with good quantity of quality gluten to have the good volume with strength for these fragile biscuits.

Now for a certain recipe water, ammonium bi carbonate, mixing time, standing time, oven profile, baking speed, all are important for good shape and volume.

Controlling the shrinkage on oven band is important for these type of varieties. With the SMBS etc. during mixing stage, the synchronization of cutter speed and cutter web is important.

Role of Docker pin is very important for the proper shape of the hard dough variety.

Answered on 15.07.2018.

the sizing is effected

1. recipe: water content.. raising agent content

2. oven: baking temperature profile. steam pulverisation also effect the size of biscuit

3. rollers: after gentilly roller press also effect the size 

Answered on 26.07.2018.

may be u can adjust your relaxing band speed..embossing and cutting pressurr regulation 

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