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Asked on 14.03.2019.
Back side color problem

Dear all

Any can help on attached image, hard biscuit “Small Size” always show  white color in back side 

It is oven issue or recipe issue ? 

I have hyper oven 32 m (1 direct gas, 2 zones), we incressd zone 2 and zone 3 - down temperature but still back side color not change , we have close up airflow and open full air to down but still white color

Accepted answer
Answered on 04.04.2019.

Dear Mr.Atari

This is typical issue of not using pre-heat of the oven band and not selecting good oven profile , please follows the below method and give me your feedback 

  1.  Let me know which kind oven oven using is it  Direct Gas Fired (DGF) oven or Hybrid DGF / Indirect Radiant or DGF / Convection 
  2.  This kind of products need to bake always on wire band with preheating ( 180 – 200oC) 
  3.  Baking time and condition depend on the size of the dough piece but general around 5 minute at 220°C / 235°C , 220°C/ 225°C ,200°C /180°C   and 4 minute 220 / 230 / 240 / 240 / 220°C
  4.  High bottom Heat should be used in the first part of the oven ( First zone ) 

Baking band Z47 type wire-mesh band or compound balanced weave band pre-heat is required

Please share your comment after following the above methods 



Answered on 04.04.2019.

Dear Rasika 

Thanks issue is resolved by preheated 

Big thanks 
Answered on 20.03.2019.

Dear Mr.Al Atari,

It is easy to correct the same.  Please try to do the following.

1.  In direct fire zone keep maximum no. of burners on at bottom only.  In top keep 20-30%less burner on.  Ie.  if you have 10 burners at bottom keep only 7 burners on at top.

2. In second zone keep the maximum heat at bottom and only have 15-20*C difference between top and bottom.  ( say like 270/285) like this.

3.  In third zone give maximum colour on top to get the required colour on the top of the biscuit.

If you face any problem please give me your feed back.  If the top temperature more in hard dough biscuit as you know it will not bake well and result in difference in the colour between top and bottom.

Answered on 29.03.2019.

Dear Srinivasan

We have try this but  no scuesss, do you think I have change the recipe? Or use enzymes? 

This question is resolved.
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