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Asked on 11.10.2022.

Recipe and process for Baby Rusk Formulation? 🍼

Hi guys, 

Could someone share a sample formulation for baby rusks (industrial process)?

 Also wanted to know if there is a book that anyone could recommend to learn about industrial cookie/ biscuit manufacturing? I am currently manufacturing at home using household ingredients, but we are working on scaling up. So would like to learn how the recipe would need to be adjusted to suit an industrial process. 

Answered on 12.10.2022.

I would recommend checking with the American Institute of Baking in Manhattan Kansas. They recently took over the BCMA organization (biscuit cracker manufacturing association) 

They have a great two volume book and correspondence course that a group of allied bakers (including myself) contributed which covers all aspects of ingredients , formulation and processing . 

Answered on 06.12.2022.

Dear Lasni

Please forward me your e-mail address, so that I can send you an attacment

Kind regards

George W Wright

Answered on 06.12.2022.


Patent Flour 100

Shortening 10

Malt Extract 2.855

Salt 0.850

Ammonium Bicarbonate 1.000

SMS Solution 0.355

Dried Whole Egg 4.285

Sodium Bicarbonate 0.715

Skimmed Milk Powder 7.140

A C P 0.535

Water 23

Vitamin Mix 0.035

Pulverised Sugar 28.570


Patent Flour (Low Protein) 92.500

Full Cream Milk Powder 10.400

Plasmon 7.500

Salt 3.120

Icing Sugar 32

Palm Oil 10.400

Malt Extract 1.000

Ammonium Bicarbonate 0.900

Cream of Tartar 0.900

Water 21

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