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Asked on 20.03.2018.

Ammonium Bicarbonate Assay(purity)

Please Suggest how to calculate % assay in Ammonium Bicarbonate.

Here I mean the calculation.

Answered on 16.04.2018.

in what? or how? plz open your question so I can help

Answered on 16.04.2018.

Calculating the mass of 1 molecule of ammonia bi carbonate NH4HCO3:

Mass = ( Number of hydrogen atoms x Mass of hydrogen atom) + ( Number of nitrogen atoms x Mass of nitrogen atoms) +( Number of carbon atoms x Mass of carbon atoms) +( Number of oxygen atoms x Mass of oxygen atom)

Mass = ( 5 x 1 ) + ( 1 x 14)  + (1 *12) +(3*16)= 79

Calculating percentage by mass

Percentage by mass of amonıa NH3 = ( Mass of NH3 molecule / Mass of ammonia bi carbonate molecule ) x 100 = ( 17 / 79 ) x 100 = 21,5%

for assay %.. plz check that webpage

AMMONIA (NH3) or its ion form ammonium (NH4+) is an important source of nitrogen for living systems and is ubiquitously present in the nature. Simple, direct and automation-ready procedures for measuring NH3 are very desirable. BioAssay Systems ammonia/ammonium assay is based on an improved o-phthalaldehyde method. This reagent reacts with ammonia/ ammonium and forms a fluorescent product.

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