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Asked on 02.01.2019.


Dear All,

I need to know alternatives acidulant for baking powder instead of Sapp.(slow reaction for short biscuit)

Answered on 03.01.2019.

Try cream of tartar or acid calsium phosphate... I know these two only can be added with Baking powder.

Pl check and give your feed back.

Answered on 15.01.2019.

Thank you for your answer Mr.Subramaniam,

Cream of tartar gave good result.

Answered on 15.04.2019.

Dear Mr. Osamn

Please find the below details.

  1. Cream of tartar ( Potassium Bitartrate) - Acid Strength 44.6 
  2. Mono calcium phosphate - Acid Strength 80.0
  3. Sodium acid pyrophosphate - 72 
  4. Sodium aluminum sulphate - 100 

Answered on 28.05.2019.

Hi, I tried using sodium bicarbonate, sodium acid pyrophosphate and monocalcium phosphate. You may try a combination of two leavening agents for a better effect in your product but it's quite a lot of trials and error.

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