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Asked on 29.11.2019.

accelerated shelf life test of biscuit

Can u share about accelerated shelf life test analyse details bakery... especially biscuit..

Accepted answer
Answered on 23.12.2019.

Hello. The formula which is predominant in accelerating shelf life testing is based on an assumption of a Q10=2,0. The latter means that the chemical reaction rate is increased by a factor of 2,0 everytime that Temperature is raised by 10 C.

The overall Formula which is valid in Accelerating Shelf Life Testing is:

B(Accelerated Aging Time) = [Desired Real Time]/(Q10 ^(Te-Ta)/10) where Te is the Temperature of the Accelerated Test and Ta is the ambient Temperature.The latter means that if for a Biscuit 365 days is the Target then B (Accelerated Aging Time) = 365 / 2^(55-22)/10 = 365/2^3,3 = 365/9,84 = 37 days of Storage in a Temperature of 55 C.

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