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Asked on 22.06.2019.

struggling to source die inserts

Hi, l have been trying to source die inserts for a rotary moulder (which does not belong to me) hence blasting is not possible, this is a new product, in an attempt to tackle inconsistent extraction issues. thank you

Answered on 22.06.2019.

Hi Donna, where are the factory or need located?  I ask this because could be several vendors in America or Europe that can do this but for practical reasons is good to be a closer one.

Answered on 25.06.2019.

Hi Donna,

Extraction problems are seldom caused by the dies.   If there is damage or excessive wear over many years they can sometimes be improved by bead blasting but far more likely, in my opinion, is that the problem is related to the condition of the dough.   Standing time, dough temp, condition and temperature of fat, even addition of some flavours can lead to poor extraction.    Age and wear on the extraction belt itself can also be a factor. 

If you share a bit more information on the product type and general processing conditions it should be easier to get the advice you need.



Answered on 25.06.2019.

Hi, to add on John's reply, the state of the pressure cylinder as well. 

Answered on 25.06.2019.

Hi Donna,

Multiple solutions possible; ranging from indeed dough conditions; but as well the type and make of the moulder and its options:

- pressure(s) of the cylinders,
- age/ wear of the pressure cylinders (drum rollers)
- total system pressure
- speed of the feeding cylinder
- extraction speed

Perhaps you can share pictures to illustrate your inconsistent extraction; so your audience can consult you better.

Answered on 25.06.2019.

Hi, forgot to add the speed of the rotary cylinder and the pressure roller in case you can control separately. Those should be carefully adjusted for good extraction. If it is the old system where both are connected by sprocket it maybe that you have some synchronization issues..  

Answered on 11.09.2019.


In India Pragati engineering Bombay will do what ever you want for rotary moulder and cutter.  I do not have phone no right now but you can check in web and call him.  He will solve your problem.

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