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Asked on 21.10.2018.

Repeated rubber roller failure issue

We are facing a repeated rubber roller failure issue in one particular rotary moulder, what could be possible reasons? 

Answered on 22.10.2018.

Hi Manohar,

Most obvious reason, assuming that you have the correct Shore Hardness specification,  is that you are applying too much pressure.   If you describe the nature of the failure it will be easier to give advice.   Is the rubber cracking, being damaged or separating from the roller ?



Answered on 22.10.2018.

Dear Mr. John,

Thanks for your time and answer, will get into detail and get back.

Answered on 23.10.2018.

Dear Vutukuru,

Please check the axes.

The problem may be that the rubber roller and rotary moulder does not overlap properly.



Answered on 08.11.2018.

Dear Mr.Manohar

Rubber roller shore hardness must be 75-80 for cutter variants. Check both rubber roller and cutter bearing.  In Rubber Roller try to put thrust bearing and try. 

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