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Asked on 07.07.2018.

How can i extrude sprinkle sized pretzel dough?

How can i extrude sprinkle sized pretzel dough? I don't want to hand cut the pretzel dough. I've asked this before, got some great replies but then I hit the wrong button and my question came up as resolved.  It's not. please continue to reply.

Aurangzeb kahn, please check your email.


Answered on 07.07.2018.

it has to be tried some snacks extruder companies can provide you the required size. it has to be tried. i will update you.

Answered on 08.07.2018.

Hi Traci,

if you mean to extrude at bench level, you need to build a device. Pretzel dough is very hard to extrude by hand using a pastry bag or pastry manual depositor.  Perhaps using a kind of Kitchen aid mixer with the grounder attachment modifing with a nozzel for extrusion.

If you mean production level then RBS  in USA or WP  in Germany  has this equipment- I hope this helps. 

If need support to select the appropriate equipment please contact me at

Answered on 15.07.2018.

you can also contact with starch supplier companies . they now starch extrution well. avebe.. natinal starch forexample  u xan contact. thry can advice some information about pretzel sprinkle also..

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