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Asked on 03.07.2018.


How can i extrude sprinkle sized pretzel dough?  I don't want to hand cut the pretzel dough.  I've asked this before but didn't get any valued replies.  

See the source image

Accepted answer
Answered on 07.07.2018.

Any update Traci??

Answered on 04.07.2018.

Which size do u need? Can u give the size dimension?

If u need mini ball size.. like that

If that size is ok.. pls contact with reading bakery group.

Answered on 04.07.2018.

Hi Traci,

plz find the following manufacturer of pritzel making:

Reading bakery is also providing the above machine

you can contact the both suppliers as per you suitability.

Answered on 04.07.2018.

Thank you for your responses!  Just about a year ago I met with Reading Bakery and they were super helpful but there is a set back that needs to be overcome before they can help me any further hence my need for a sprinkle sized pretzel dough extruder.    I need to bake them at home first and present the finished product to Reading.  And, in preparing them for Reading, I can also use them for marketing purposes as I have not yet marketed them.  

If I could use a pasta extruder with its orzo shaped extruder, I would as that is a good size for my purposes but pretzel dough will not work in a pasta extruder as I came to learn but something you all know.  I am a complete novice here. 

Again, thank you for your replies and please, keep 'em coming!

Answered on 04.07.2018.

Dear Traci,

one of my contact is making extruder products for snacks in KSA, we can take help from him if its possible to make and bake such size you want. in my opinion may be its possible or he can better advice. he is making extruder snacks products. share your details with me i will forward to him.

Answered on 04.07.2018.

Pls contact with snack extuder system suppliers.. may be u can contact with starch suppliers.. forexample avebe or national starch can help to u.. 

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