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Asked on 06.06.2021.

How to produce nutritional yeast

Dear thank you about writing the article I would like to know how produce nutritional yeast please if you have videos how to make I'm so interested to do that  thank you very much indeed

Answered on 07.06.2021.

Dear Mr. Ali, it is related to a bioengineer process. You inoculate yeast cultures, you feed them, they increase, then you have more and more... 

But consider it is actually a by-product from alcohol and beer process. The main nutritional yeast producers are sugar and alcohol companies. Their product is resultant from a bioprocess. They use yeast to have their product, but since it is so rich in composition, they are also exploiting the nutritional yeast market. 

Please, consider also that, to produce it, you should be able to control microbial organism's growth, doing microbial analysis etc. 

Not so cheap.... But not impossible, ok?

If I may help you more, please, just let me know.

Good luck.

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