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Asked on 05.10.2018.

What is a high fructose corn syrup relative sweetness?

what is d high fructose corn syrup relative sweetness with sugar

can we replace 100 % sugar with high fructose corn syrup 

or plz suggest alternative bcoz in some of the country the importation of sugar is very less and buying from local market in Africa is very costly.

can we replace sugar with high fructose corn syrup ?


abadat hussain

Answered on 07.10.2018.

Technically you can replace the sugar with HFCS, but it won't give you the same product as you're getting with sucrose. 

1. Dark Color

2. Thick Crust

3. Less spread 

4. Chewy product

These are the things you expect to see in your product if using HFCS. Sugar is a very important ingredient in cookies and plays a very important role. For your satisfaction you can try to replace it, you will have to make some adjustments in formulations, mixing, and baking profile.

1kg sucrose = 0.89 kg of 90%HFCS , Water adjustments needed

1kg sucrose = 1.18kg of 55%HFCS , Water adjustments needed

1kg sucrose = 1.40kg of 42%HFCS , Water adjustments needed

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Shorya Kapoor


Answered on 05.10.2018.
Reduction of 100% sugar with corn syrup is not advisable. It will badly effect the baking of biscuits/crackers.
Yes 2 to 5% can be reduced according to trials and product dependability.

Answered on 05.10.2018.

Not advisable to replace the sugar.  In my view it is better not to add more than 2% of HFC.  More than this it may give thick crust and It will not give the taste as it is in sugar.

Answered on 05.10.2018.

I have a seen personally how the quality of biscuits spoil when there is replacement of sugar with glucose or cassava syrup at high level due to non technical decision in a reputed company. This kind of replacement is basically a loss in terms of yield as well. So, in my opinion, it is advisable to use not as a replacement of sugar but as an additional ingredient within the range of 2 - 5% (max) in certain variety.

Answered on 05.10.2018.


I wonder if might be easier for you to get or import sucrose syrup in your city/country. Sucrose syrup is basically sugar dissolved in water at 65%-67% solids. If the amount of water in your recipe allows the replacement you can try tanking into consideration the solids proportion to determine the replacement ratio. 

Another alternative that comes to my mind if there is availability is the use of cane sugar syrup. Maybe flavor could be affected a litlle bit due residual molassess flavor in the cane sugar syrup. Good look with the challenge. Let me know if I can be of further help.

Kind regards,


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