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Asked on 22.10.2018.

Dough consistency

How far torque VS time graph of dough mixer vfd is reliable in deciding dough consistency? 

Answered on 24.10.2018.
Hi manohar,
Torque vs time graph is very important in dough consistency you adjust your torque accordingly.usualy slow and fast are being used. During mixing you also check with your hands for dough consistency and decide the torque.

Still explain your question a bit more.
Answered on 08.11.2018.

Dear Mr.Manohar,

Your question is valid in avoiding mixing more time and loosing energy also and spoiling the product consistency.  To map this torque against time you need to attach the motor with amps meter and fix the mixer blade rpm.  Best recommended blade rpm for sigma type mixers is low speed at 20 and high sped at 40.

You should not change the speed when you actually mixing.  lock the speed in your frequency drive.

Now start mapping.

1.  During cream stage no mapping.

2.  Once you start mixing after addition of wheat flour you can monitor the amps increasing with time.  In between you check the mixing consistency and note down the amps meter reading.

3.  When operator says the mixing done you note down the amps which finally taken.

4.  Now repeat the mapping for two or three times to make sure that you are getting the same load with time when mixing finishes.

5.  Please do the mapping for different kind of wheat flour that your are using in your factory and find out the difference to fix the range.

6.  Same can be repeated for hard dough or any other dough you are doing.

7.  Please note that during mapping you should not change the fat quantity or water quantity and also ensure that recipe weighment is perfect.

8.  Now once you took the reading and do the brain storming among your technical people and fix the range for each variant.  Now you do not look at mixing time but the load factory will give you consistent quality mixing if the parameters of recipe and mixing sequence and blade rpm are perfect as per your study.

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