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4 answers
Is there any replacement for color INS 102? Recently I saw INS 102 is bad for health
4 answers
Biscuits making weight is main important .  T shape is very good making but an width increase is damge or alternation created
5 answers
Hi Dear All Group Members . Please can you tell to me in biscuits production , when you selecting the flavours , what are the characteristics must need to check? What is the difference in between water soluble flavors and oil soluble flavours ? 
11 answers
Plz share ur experiences of different stacking models to stack the biscuit from stacker.  Biscuit is rectangle shaped and we need to fix the problem of stacking.
4 answers
Hi  Please some one can explain to me the following mentioned areas for biscuits and wafer production , ideal relative humidity and temperature. 1. Fremantation Area  2. Packing Room for Chocolate Enrobed  3. trolley work- marshmallow & Cream  4...
6 answers
How to remove the blister appearance on marie biscuit surface? 
5 answers
What are the basic recipe for biscuits production. I need your help.
6 answers
What is could  cause of blister on biscuit and what could be the solution
3 answers
Hi may i know the estimation production of biscuits in term of tonnes/day?  Example like the input how much? The output how much at every step because they may be so waste that are not use
2 answers
How to calculate the biscuit dimension ( Length,width & depth ) when make a new biscuits rotary moulder/dice. Example - If after baking per piece biscuit Length is  40 mm, width - 40 mm & weight - 5.1 gm then how much will the length,width a...
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