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6 answers
Hello every one, Now a days a trend is going on Biscuit industry that less usage of Invert syrup,Due to its Carciogen impact like Alkalamide (which comes from the reaction from amino acids and Maillard reactions "Reducing sugars". so i want to ask q...
4 answers
hello everyone, we are facing a problem in our biscuits. the bottom of our product is not clear. i also had included a photo of the product. hope i will get a reasonable solution. 
2 answers
Can i ask from your experience which rotary moulder belt is the best to extract a gluten-free product? 
4 answers
Dear Sir, I have the following question. After rotary cutter when the biscuit reaches the panner web, the distance between two biscuits changed abruptly , in the moving direction only. It is not that all gaps shrinks or expands symmetrically, only s...
7 answers
How do you all condition your rotary moulder belts? What do you find to be the most effective way? 
7 answers
Dear Support; I’m looking for provider for caramel printer machine working with cutting mould on Rotary cutter  
8 answers
Dear All; Can any one help me on the recipes of hello panda biscuit? I need the recipe for biscuit to be able to injected with chocolate 
2 answers
What shore hardness do you recommend on the rubber roller for rotary moulding? Also is the shore hardness messured in Shore A or Shore D? 
3 answers
Hi Dear All Members Please I need to know according to your experience , which type of printers and corders are best for the bakery industry. Actually what I need , cost effective, less maintenance type , waiting from your valuable comments .  
4 answers
Is there any long term course what I can learn to have indepth concepts on biscuit and drinks technology .  I want to learn yhe entire process like; ingredients, about manufacturing equipments required, marketing, managing etc.
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