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1 answer
Dear All Group members  Please can any one explain about the following mention definitions about the food colors, Primary Synthetic Food Colours Blended Food Colours Lake Food Colours waiting from your valuable comments .  Regards Rasi...
2 answers
How far torque VS time graph of dough mixer vfd is reliable in deciding dough consistency? 
4 answers
We are facing a repeated rubber roller failure issue in one particular rotary moulder, what could be possible reasons? 
3 answers
Could you please send me Duncan manleys book at (********) I would be really grateful
5 answers
what is d high fructose corn syrup relative sweetness with sugar can we replace 100 % sugar with high fructose corn syrup  or plz suggest alternative bcoz in some of the country the importation of sugar is very less and buying from local market in...
Can someone recommend some cost effective and reliable oil extraction equipment from maize/corn.?
2 answers
can you advice good machine company for making dried/preheated flour, pregelatinised flour.. etc? 
3 answers
How can i extrude sprinkle sized pretzel dough? I don't want to hand cut the pretzel dough. I've asked this before, got some great replies but then I hit the wrong button and my question came up as resolved.  It's not. please continue to reply. Aura...
4 answers
Dear People, we have in Turkmenistan an ongoing project for the production of bakery products and biscuits, and we need to hire concerned professionals, as a production manager and food technologist, please contact me thru, if...
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