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Packaging solution for biscuits in Doypack with zipper

Packaging solution for biscuits in Doypack with zipper

The LUX DC 235 -150/8 has been designed to form flat film roll stock into high quality stand-up Doypack with fully integrated filling solutions for small biscuits, filled biscuits, sandwich biscuits and snack biscuits. Given its versatility, the LUX machine is suitable for a wide number of bag dimensions and filling volumes, as well as the possibility to equip the stand-up bags with re-closable zipper, shaped round corners, easy open tear notch and hole punch.

  • Rotary servo punch
  • Servo controlled forming triangle
  • Dual motion to control the film tension and to actively keep the top fins aligned
  • Dedicated eye mark reading sensors for the forming and cutting units
  • Increased precision of pouch positioning during the sealing operation and reduced tolerance of single pouch cutting intersection, by elimination of eye mark reading errors accumulation
  • Continuous and rotary motion cutting system
  • Increased speed of the unit, format registration for pouch width controlled by the PLC and elimination of multiple units requirement
  • Continuous motion dosing unit
  • Increased dosing time for higher production speeds, high volumes or difficult product dosages
  • Pouch extraction carousel at machine outfeed
  • Multi-head weigher integrated

Technical Data:

Min-Max pouch width

120-235 mm

Min/Max pouch height

190-330 mm

Min/Max pouch gusset height

15-60 mm

Target output - up to 400 grs

150 ppm

Target output - up to 800 grs

110 ppm

Filling stations


Wrapping materials:

Suitable heat-sealable films, plain or co-extruded polypropylene (PP), laminate films (eg. OPP+PE) as well as cold sealable films of suitable quality. NEW! Sustainable and eco-friendly materials such as paper-based, recyclable and compostable films.


  • Integrated top cooling
  • Possibility to discriminate between good and rejected pouches, keeping control on the pitch between the released bags on the outfeed belt, allowing for an orderly disposition to a potential inline check weigher.
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