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WCS Wirecut Machine

The advanced Thomas L. Green GenesisPRO Series WCS Wirecut Machine offers more flexibility and control, better safety features, and easier sanitation than traditional wirecut machines. It is ideal for producing a variety of cookies, biscuits and bars at throughput yields of up to 300 cuts per minute (cpm), while maintaining a high degree of accuracy and consistent piece weights.


The recipe-driven linear servo motors provide an infinite number of cam profiles to control wire positioning, stroke length, and drop- and up-shoot. Adjustments can be made easily at the integrated touchscreen while the machine is in operation. The unit provides automatic self-timing for wire positioning to the die cup.



The RBS SafeShield design optimizes operator safety and makes sanitation and maintenance easier. The machine is supplied with light curtains that stop the machine immediately when the curtain is broken, providing 360 degrees of injury prevention. The light guard system also maximizes access to machine components for maintenance or wash down.



Touch screen operator controls provide adjustment for feed roll and cutting speeds. Settings can be stored as a “recipe” for future production.


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